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Tuesday, September 25

Bibb County gets new manufacturing facility

By Daniel L. Bamberg
"It is a big day for Bibb County," said Bibb County Commissioner Ricky Hubbard as the Bibb County Commission announced that Thyssen Krupp will be opening a new facility at Scott G. Davis Industrial Park in Woodstock.
The company's Woodstock facility will employ 20-45 employees initially with a great possibility of expansion in the future.  They will be the first company to break ground at the Industrial Park.
The project to work out this deal which was named "Deep South" has been in the works for over a year.  The Park, a joint venture between Bibb County and the family of the late Scott G. Davis, is 565 acres of property just off of Highway 5 and near Coldwater Road.  
Scott Davis himself was deeply involved in the preliminary stages of the project even up to a month before his passing in December 2011.
"This is the result of keeping a positive attitude," said Commissioner Walter Sansing.  "I know Scott is looking down on this day smiling."  
Each commissioner had an obvious glow on their faces when applauding this achievement for the park.
"We couldn't have asked for a better company to begin at the industrial park," said Commissioner Al Green.  "This is a step in a very positive direction for our residents.  Once you get one more will follow."
A anticipating lead article about this topic was printed in this week's Centreville Press.  Next week, a full story with more details on this momentous occasion will be printed.

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